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Should you trust your local Catholic school?

Depending on where you are, some of you parents out there might be sending your children to so-called Catholic schools, thinking they are teaching your children the Catholic faith.  Be careful of wolves in sheep’s clothing!  Although this article is specific to Ontario, Canada, I am sure that this is not an isolated problem.  Many Catholic schools have teachers who are Catholic in name only and have less of a true understanding and devotion to Catholicism than a 10-year-old home schooled Catholic youth.  I recently even had a conversation with a Protestant who intended to get a job in our school system with the specific goal of drawing children away from the Catholic church!

If you spot teachers/schools teaching theology contrary to the Magisterium, you need to fight back!  Souls are being lost and we need to stop sitting in the pews, thinking all is fine, deluding ourselves that just because something is named Catholic automatically makes it so!

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