Michael Coren is a true Catholic punk!

A Catholic punk is someone who goes against the societal views of moral relativism and promotes the message of the Catholic Church.  No one does that better than Michael Coren.  If you have never heard of him, it is time you have.  He is a television and radio host, a syndicated columnist and an author.  Born in England to parents of Jewish heritage, he converted to Catholicism in his youth but then became a stauch Evangelical Christian until 2004, when he rejoined the Catholic Church with renewed fervour.   This man, according to his own website, is brutally honest, confident, opinionated and strong-minded.  He also gives some of the strongest defences of Christianity and the Catholic faith that this Catholic punk has ever seen!  In his new book, “Heresy: Ten Lies They Spread About Christianity”, he confronts the accusations that Christianity has supported slavery, is sexist, is against homosexuals, promotes wars, is anti-scientific and is antiquated.  His incredible “Why Catholics Are Right” takes on misconceptions about Mother Church, using history and critical thinking to defend the Truth!  If you have ever struggled with your atheist, Protestant or weak-livered liberal Catholic friends when the discussion turns to the abuse scandals, the Inquisition, the Crusades, Galileo, the Holocaust, Mary, Papal Infallibility, the Immaculate Conception or why the Church doesn’t believe in Faith or Bible Alone, this book has it all, in no-nonsense  explanations.   These should be on the bookshelf or e-reader of every Catholic Punk!   Go out and arm yourself for the fight.


When the Bullied become the Bullies

You think I exaggerate when I say that those who follow Church teachings are now the punks of society?  Check out this video by gay activist Dan Savage, where he refers to the “Bulls__t” in the Bible and insults those Christian kids who chose to leave his talk.   This being said, I am not going to go on a rant about this speaker.  His hatred of the Bible and Christians is pretty clear.  However, as a Catholic, do you hear what he says about slavery and the stoning of women, and does it cast doubts in your mind?  If it does, then START educating yourself.  READ about what the Catholic Church says about the topic because if you can’t counter Mr. Savage’s arguments, then you are trying to fight back without any tools.

Remember that Catholics understand the Bible as a whole and living document, where the Old Testament is fulfilled in the New Testament.  We DO NOT take a phrase here and there out of context and throw it out to prove a point.  Mr. Savage is no better than the Fundamentalist Christians he loathes by using the same “verse-slinging” logic.  Read about the different types of slavery in those Roman times.   Certain slaves, for example, could buy their own freedom.   Slavery was a secular reality and the New Testament has to be read in these historical terms.  Read about what the early Church Fathers said about slavery, and whether slavery in which  the slave was denied their personhood was EVER condoned.   The Church’s teaching on homosexuality is also based NOT ONLY on the Bible but also on natural law.  If you are confused by even this shallow bit of critical thinking in a youtube video, then you need to toughen up and be more of a Catholic punk!

Although Catholics believe the act of homosexuality is wrong, we would never refer to a gay person as being “pansie-assed” as Mr. Savage calls those who walked out quietly out of his speech in protest…. that would be a clear case of bullying and would obviously be wrong.

Liturgy, not “lights, camera, action”

I can’t really believe it.  At a local church during the Palm Sunday services, the priest asked the youth group to insert a musical in where there is supposed to be the Gospel reading.  They could have done this before or after Mass, which would have been fine, but actually replaced a part of Holy Mass.  For a moment, my kids thought perhaps we had mistakenly walked into a Protestant service.  Now, I don’t blame the youth who apparently did a fine job.  However, it is time we draw the line at stuff like this.  Mass is not meant for entertainment. On Good Friday, we are reminded about the Passion.  How appropriate would it be if, during the actual crucifixion, someone broke out into song, started getting the crowd clapping hands or even perhaps threw in a joke or two to keep the throngs along the Way of the Cross entertained?  At Mass, Heaven literally touches earth and time has no meaning.  We are actually, not symbolically, transported back to the last supper and the crucifixion.  We are before the Real Presence of Jesus!  This is an incredible and supernatural event that Catholics partake in.  When we consume the Host, our body becomes a tabernacle for Jesus himself!  The music, readings and even the church itself should all reflect this reality.  The problem is that so many Catholics no longer understand this.  It’s time for Catholic punks to take a stand.  Tell these priests that we don’t need to be entertained.  We need solid liturgy that draws us closer to the reality that Jesus is truly present!

Am I homophobic? (warning- explicit talk)

I am tired of being called homophobic.  I do not have an aversion or fear of homosexuals.  In fact, I have friends who are gay and I would be the first to defend them if they were being bullied or treated unfairly.  However, recently, I keep hearing this accusation and comments like “you Catholics believe homosexuals are gravely disordered”.  First, the Church talks about the act of homosexual sex as being gravely disordered, not the people.  The Church has always separated the dignity of the person from the sinfulness of an act.  The homosexual person is as valued in the eyes of God as a heterosexual person.  The usual rebuttal at that point, though, is usually, “how dare you call an act of love between two consenting adults as gravely disordered,” as if the Church is pointing its fingers only at homosexuals and hence is homophobic.  I then point out that the Church also teaches that the act of masturbation is gravely disordered.   Thus, the same label is applied to heterosexuals (and that would include a huge percentage of the population, both married and unmarried, both devout and non-devout, that have been guilty of this sin).  Does this mean that all heterosexuals who masturbate  are gravely disordered?  No, of  course these people are not; it is the act that is gravely disordered.

Remember, sex between a man and a woman has two functions; it is procreative and it is unitive.  Masturbation is gravely disordered, as is homosexual sex, because if violates natural law.    The two acts cannot result in the conception of a child.

So, the next time someone accuses the Catholic Church of being homophobic, say to them “no, God loves gays.  If you are offended because the Church says that something you do is gravely disordered, be comforted to know that most straight people also do things that are gravely disordered.  The Church is full of sinners who do a myriad of different kinds of sins.  There is always room for more sinners to join, both gay and non-gay”.