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Liturgy, not “lights, camera, action”

I can’t really believe it.  At a local church during the Palm Sunday services, the priest asked the youth group to insert a musical in where there is supposed to be the Gospel reading.  They could have done this before or after Mass, which would have been fine, but actually replaced a part of Holy Mass.  For a moment, my kids thought perhaps we had mistakenly walked into a Protestant service.  Now, I don’t blame the youth who apparently did a fine job.  However, it is time we draw the line at stuff like this.  Mass is not meant for entertainment. On Good Friday, we are reminded about the Passion.  How appropriate would it be if, during the actual crucifixion, someone broke out into song, started getting the crowd clapping hands or even perhaps threw in a joke or two to keep the throngs along the Way of the Cross entertained?  At Mass, Heaven literally touches earth and time has no meaning.  We are actually, not symbolically, transported back to the last supper and the crucifixion.  We are before the Real Presence of Jesus!  This is an incredible and supernatural event that Catholics partake in.  When we consume the Host, our body becomes a tabernacle for Jesus himself!  The music, readings and even the church itself should all reflect this reality.  The problem is that so many Catholics no longer understand this.  It’s time for Catholic punks to take a stand.  Tell these priests that we don’t need to be entertained.  We need solid liturgy that draws us closer to the reality that Jesus is truly present!

One response to “Liturgy, not “lights, camera, action”

  1. The priests and bishops need to start obeying the Holy Father. There is NO WAY Pope Benedict would approve of this. Replacing part of the Mass is going against the Church’s rules. Here in Canada many of the bishops actually encourage this kind of stuff. My bishop in particular loves this kind of stuff. Also, he doesn’t want us kneeling anymore. We must pray for our priests and bishops.

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