The Gay Agenda is really making it hard for me to be Catholic

Two recent news reports are making it really  hard for me to be Catholic towards homosexuals.  We are told to hate the sin but love the sinner.  However, when persecution like this occurs to good people, I can’t help but be really ticked off!

In the first instance, a professor, Dr. Mark Regnerus, is being maligned for his rigorous research showing that gay parenting is not ideal. These criticisms are coming from gay rights activists, who provide no scientific rebuttal but just claims that this professor has an anti-gay bias.  The second instance is a lesbian who was denied communion at her mother’s funeral, after revealing to the presiding priest that she was living with her partner.   Her militant stand that she should get Communion (she also demanded to have two eulogies at the funeral because she claimed the music director said it was okay) betrays the fact that she has no understanding of Catholic theology.  There is evidence that, contrary to the media coverage, it was clear to the priest that the woman was not in a state of grace.  The priest was actually being kind as, according to St. Paul, she could bring condemnation upon herself by not receiving Jesus in a state of grace.   To add insult to injury, the priest’s diocese caved in to the liberal media accusations.

May God give me the grace to continue to treat homosexuals with respect and dignity, despite the bullying tactics of these gay activists, assisted by the biased liberal media!

Melinda Gates and the stupid / I am Catholic and I disagree with the Vatican,,, / stance

I am so bloody tired of people like Melinda Gates who claim to be Catholic and then donate $1B to dump contraceptives on the “poor people” of the world.  I am tired of the media who applaud this hypocrite and then blast the Vatican and traditional Catholics for their “out-of-date” views.  I am really tired of all the so-called Catholics who laud Gates for her efforts.

What is the reality?  The reality is that society has convinced women that it is all right to pour harmful chemicals into their bodies that mess up their natural rhythms, that raise their risk of cancer, that take away any responsibility from the male partner and can create a spontaneous abortion of an embryo.   The reality is that these so-called do-gooders have convinced themselves that it is better to spend $160 to $600 a year on the birth control pill or $150 a year on condoms per woman than it is to spend the money on antibiotics, clean water and education.  The reality is that it would be a one-time cost of $15 to give a woman a basil thermometer, ask the man AND the woman to abstain together for a time every month and have less of a chance of an unplanned pregnancy.  The reality is that we are allowing the world’s wealthiest people (who use almost all the world’s resources) to tell the world’s poorest people that “there are too many of you… stop having babies)!”  If you don’t agree, check out this post from a feminist’s perspective who definitely isn’t pro-Catholic.

Thank about it and check out these links.  You will notice I tried not to use Catholic sources, just in case you want to accuse this Catholic punk of not being totally honest!

Should you trust your local Catholic school?

Depending on where you are, some of you parents out there might be sending your children to so-called Catholic schools, thinking they are teaching your children the Catholic faith.  Be careful of wolves in sheep’s clothing!  Although this article is specific to Ontario, Canada, I am sure that this is not an isolated problem.  Many Catholic schools have teachers who are Catholic in name only and have less of a true understanding and devotion to Catholicism than a 10-year-old home schooled Catholic youth.  I recently even had a conversation with a Protestant who intended to get a job in our school system with the specific goal of drawing children away from the Catholic church!

If you spot teachers/schools teaching theology contrary to the Magisterium, you need to fight back!  Souls are being lost and we need to stop sitting in the pews, thinking all is fine, deluding ourselves that just because something is named Catholic automatically makes it so!